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Dahana week of outfits

Dahana week of outfits

“I think finding your personal style is just about living your life,” says Dahana, an artist and graphic designer living in Strasbourg, France. “Walking around, you’re gonna see something and be like, Ooh, I want to incorporate that color or texture.” Here, Dahana shares five looks with, as she laughingly describes, as “a dress-only-for-myself vibe”…

Dahana week of outfits

Shirt: Elwood. Skirt: Catheclisma. Dress: Catheclisma. Shoes: Adidas. Bag: Marni. Scrunchie: Haas Amsterdam.

“When I was in high school, we were going to a wedding, and my mom told me to wear heels. But I have foot issues, so instead I wore Doc Martens with a dress. I also love how sneakers look with dresses — if I go to a fancy restaurant, I just have to decide which to wear.”

cool dark denim on denim outfit

Shirt: Elwood. Denim jacket: Estudio Niksen. Pants: Estudio Niksen, similar. Bag: Sunnei. Shoes: New Balance. Earrings: Sunnei. Rings: thrifted.

“Wearing dark denim jeans and a dark denim jacket, I feel like no one can stop me. It’s also an easy outfit to put together when you don’t have much time.”

Dahana week of outfits

“Spring and fall are my favorite times to dress, since you can wear a cute jacket or colorful sweater. In the summer, though, I go outside and immediately start sweating. On warm days, jewelry is a way to add style even when you’re wearing a T-shirt and shorts.”

Dahana week of outfits

Shirt: Celosia-re, in white. Skirt: “Handmade by my mom,” similar. Shoes: Ganni. Bag: Polène. Sunglasses: Chimi.

“I’m shy, so in high school, fashion felt like a good way to express myself — even though I got made fun of. Then I went to university and wasn’t feeling very good. I stopped caring about the way I dressed; I’d just throw on clothes. But a few years ago, I was like, Wait, I love fashion, and I have to find a way to love myself again. These days, I feel good about the way I dress and I feel good inside.”

Dahana week of outfits

Shirt: Sandro. Skirt: Samsoe. Shoes: Keen. Bag: Sandro. Scrunchie: “Handmade by my mom.”

“Art has always been another way to express myself. People usually stop drawing when they start school. You’re told to focus on math or science, but I’m not a math person or a science person. In class, I was the one drawing different eyes in my notebook.”

Dahana week of outfits

“When I see someone who is well dressed, even if it’s not my style, I cannot deny it. Although I’m shy, I have to let them know. I’ll psych myself up: Dahana! Go tell her! This is the moment! I know that when someone stops me to compliment what I’m wearing, it gives me a huge confidence boost.”

Eliza Faulkner white pascale white eyelet dress

Dress: Eliza Faulkner. Shoes: Ganni. Bag: Jigsaw, similar. Sunglasses: Ace & Tate. Scrunchie: Nasty Gal.

“When I see a piece of clothing I like, I ask myself, Can I find it in a thrift store? If I can’t find it vintage, I’ll let it sit for a week or two before deciding whether to buy it. Or, if I have a clothing vision in my mind that I cannot find online, I’ll be like, ‘Mom, can we make it?’ She made me a black skirt, and every time I wear it, people ask where it’s from. I’m proud to say, ‘My mom made it for me!’”

Eliza Faulkner white pascale white eyelet dress

“Another test about whether to buy something: I’ll try to mentally create 10 different outfits around it. If you can create only one or two, you probably don’t need it.”

how to stye hair scrunchies

“Your hair is part of your outfit. You can’t forget it. I like scrunchies because they add color in my hair. And there’s a woman I follow on Instagram, Kayra, who does amazing stuff with her braids. She creates masterpieces.”

Thanks so much for sharing, Dahana.

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(Photos by Vanessa A. Photography.)

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