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The area known as Copper Canyon is a region in northwest Mexico that hosts some of the most spectacular and stunning natural scenery in the country. The Copper Canyon territory is composed of a series of twenty canyons, formed over the years by six rivers.

Our travel partner has been taking visitors to the Copper Canyon for over 20 years and specializes in custom-made tours that take care of all the details and enable you, your family, and companions to get the most from your visit to this most remarkable region of Mexico.

Enjoy breathtaking scenery on a remarkable train journey

You can experience the Copper Canyon by hiking, biking, trekking, horseback, or four-wheeling; however, by far the most popular route is to take the Copper Canyon train line—that runs between Los Mochis and Chihuahua City.

The Copper Canyon railway is a stunning piece of engineering achievement. The railway line is over 390 miles in length, crosses 39 bridges (the longest bridge is over 1500 feet long) and 86 tunnels (the longest over a mile in length). The line crosses some of Mexico’s most rugged and wild natural terrain; hugging the edge of mountains and traversing deep ravines across its bridges. The scenery it travels through is truly breathtaking.

Choose a custom tour to get the most from your visit to the canyons

A custom tour of Copper Canyon can begin in Los Mochis (Airport: LMM), Mazatlán (Airport: MZT) (from where you will be provided with ground transportation to the beautifully picturesque town of El Fuerte where you’ll board the train); or Chihuahua City (Airport: CUU).

Expertly crafted tours. Our travel partner’s tours are underpinned by over two decades of experience, and provide guides and transportation exclusively assigned to your party. As part of your tour package, all your transportation, accommodations, food, and assistance services will be provided to ensure that your time is spent absorbing the experience and not concerning about the travel logistics.

Airport transfers. You will be met personally at the airport and swiftly transported to your comfortable accommodations in preparation for your copper canyon tour.  At the end of your tour, you’ll be transported back to the airport of your choice.

Accommodations. Hotels in the canyons are attractive colonial-style hotels, and all rooms have private baths.  They provide comfort amidst the natural scenic locations where they are situated; you can expect excellent service with friendly and attentive staff, and the water and food are safe.

Independent or fully guided. Our travel partner offers independent tours complemented by a detailed information packet that is tailored to your itinerary and that will assist you as you engage in your day-by-day activities. Optionally you can choose to have an English-speaking guide for an extra fee to accompany you on the entire trip and thus give you the most complete experience in Copper Canyon.

Flexible itineraries. Custom tours are offered with varying durations from five to eight days’ stay, to flex with your available schedule and budget.  Shorter itineraries of four nights’ stay focus primarily on the extraordinary train ride through the canyons, whereas the longer 6-night+ tours enable you to experience more of this outstanding region, interact with the tribes and communities who live locally, and take in additional day tours.

Copper Canyon tours starting in Los Mochis, Mazatlán, or Chihuahua City

We recommend you begin your tour in Los Mochis or Mazatlán, and you can end your tour where you began (complete a loop); or you can elect to begin and end your tour at one of the other start/end points.

If you begin the tour in Los Mochis or Mazatlán, you will be met at the airport and provided with comfortable ground transportation from there to El Fuerte, where you’ll be accommodated overnight at a charming colonial-style hotel, and board the train early in the morning.  Optionally, you can include side tours in and around El Fuerte.  It’s a 90-minute road trip from Los Mochis to El Fuerte, or a 6-hour road trip from Mazatlán that includes travel along a scenic oceanside highway.

If you begin the tour in Chihuahua City, you will board the train from there; optionally you can include side tours around Chihuahua before or after your canyon tour.

Copper Canyon tour itineraries

All tours are customized to your needs, schedule and budget and can include:

  • Itineraries ranging from five to eight days, or longer, depending on your schedule and budget
  • Overnight stay at a specially selected hotel in Los Mochis, El Fuerte, or Chihuahua City before the start of your journey into the canyon
  • Train tickets with as a class of service to suit your preferences and budget. The copper canyon train offers three classes of service: First class, Executive class, and Standard class. Our travel partner will describe the features of each one so you can choose a class of service to suit your preferences and budget.
  • Overnight stays at selected hotels on the ridge of the copper canyon, near Divisadero
  • A choice of various activities and tours in the canyons (see below)
  • Independent (self-guided) tour using a detailed information packet provided by our travel partner, or full guided tour with an English-speaking guide, as you prefer

Activities to take part in at Copper Canyon

Choose from a range of activities and experiences when you’re in the canyons. A modest additional fee per person, per activity, applies:

  • Third longest cable car in the world
  • Zip lines across ravines
  • Aerial forest view
  • Visit to the serene and remote Oteros canyon and cave
  • 1-hour (easy/moderate) hike along the Tarahumara trail
  • 3-hour (moderate/difficult) hike to visit the community of Wakajipare and the Tarahumara museum designed by the Rarámuri community
  • Horseback ride (3.5 hours) into the canyon to discover the best view of the Urique River
  • Around Creel and Cusarare: a cultural and spiritual tour that takes you to see the village of San Ignacio de Arareko, the lake of Ararek, and several picturesque valleys including the Valley of the Monks.

Additional activities and customized tour options

For travelers who can spend extra days on a highly customized itinerary, additional options include:

  • Tour and enjoy the highly picturesque colonial town of El Fuerte and environs including a visit to the Mayo indigenous villages and dances; a gentle cruise on a raft down El Fuerte river; black bass fishing in the lake (seasonal); massage and hydro whirlpool therapies.
  • Enjoy eco/adventure tours around Los Mochis including fishing, snorkeling, boat rides, bat caves, and taking-in the sunset on the island of Farallon;
  • Visit Creel and reconnect with nature on outdoor activities in the surrounding area, including half-day or full-day hikes into the notably peaceful and serene wilderness around Creel; a day’s hike to bathe in natural hot springs; an outstanding 10-hour day hike that will take you to discover and experience the highest waterfall in Mexico at Basaseachi falls
  • Visit the Cerocahui mission town and alpine village is situated in Urique Canyon (the deepest canyon in the region) in a valley dotted with fruit trees along the riverside—a destination characterized by extraordinary natural beauty and tranquility. Nearby is the Cerro del Gallego vantage point offering spectacular views of the canyons including the town of Urique, revealing the depth of the canyon and the river that winds along the valley floor.
  • Complete your tour with a visit to the colonial city of Chihuahua, enjoying a guided tour of the historic quarters of this old city and a visit to local limestone caves.

Deepen your experience with a visit to Batopilas

For travelers who want to experience the Copper Canyon beyond the usual tourist sights, consider adding a custom visit to Batopilas to your itinerary.  This tour will have your feet traversing through three outstanding canyons that lead down to the beautifully picturesque rural town of Batopilas.

Your journey will take you through three different climate zones: beginning in the upper Sierra at over 7,000 feet, gradually descending to the base of Batopilas canyon, just above sea level.  This 85-mile trip will take most of the day and enables you to witness some the most magnificent natural scenery in Mexico—no other tour in the canyons matches the depth of visual stimulation offered by these places.  The optional tour includes:

  • An overnight stay at a fabulously restored 15-room hacienda hotel; and
  • A walk to the Lost Cathedral at Satevo and the ruins of the Batopilas Mining Career.
  • Optionally, a walk to the aqueduct and Porfirio Diaz tunnel opening; and hiking in the picturesque Cerro Colorado can also be arranged by request.

Copper canyon custom tour prices

These carefully crafted tours of the Copper Canyon comprise a core offering with optional customizations to suit your schedule, preferences, and budget.

  • Prices for 5-day core tour packages starting in Los Mochis or Chihuahua start from US$820 per person, and based on two people sharing a room.
  • Prices for 7-day core tour packages starting in Los Mochis or Chihuahua start from US$955 per person, and based on two people sharing a room.
  • Prices for 8-day core tour packages starting in Mazatlán start from US$1,060 per person, and based on two people sharing a room.

Families are welcome: Children (ages 3-11) accompanied by an adult(s) pay a discounted rate.

Train class options: Prices include the cost of a standard class train ticket; executive and first-class tickets carry a surcharge of between US$20 and US$250 each, depending on your travel choices.

There are surcharges for single-occupancy rooms and solo travelers. Optional add-on day tours and tour customizations around Los Mochis, Creel, and Chihuahua can be quoted and arranged by request. Prices are subject to change.

Prices illustrated are subject to change. Please request a personalized quote from our travel partner by completing the request form below.

What your copper canyon tour includes and excludes

Regardless of your tour’s start point or duration, your package always includes:

  • being met personally with transfers to and from the airport;
  • booking of your train tickets in the class you have chosen to travel in;
  • lodging at hotels that have been carefully chosen by our travel partner;
  • breakfast, lunch, and dinner (at Cerocahui and Divisadero only); and
  • a detailed information packet to guide you on your independent tour, or a fully escorted tour with an English-speaking guide.

Tour package prices exclude:

  • your flights (or other transportation) to the start point and end point;
  • additional meals, drinks, and snacks, including alcoholic beverages
  • costs of activities and local day tours you may choose to participate in in the canyon (prices range from US$15-$75 per person, per activity)
  • tips for the guide, driver, hotel and restaurant staff; and
  • trip insurance.

Make a Copper Canyon tour request

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