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When you’ve made the decision to move to Mexico, you’ll need to consider how you’ll move your personal goods across borders.  If you’re already in Mexico, you might decide to move to a different neighborhood or location —or even to another country— requiring home removal again.

Whether you’re importing your personal goods to Mexico for the first time, relocating your home situation within Mexico, or moving out of Mexico, our associate can alleviate one of the most significant physical burdens of your move—the packing, shipping, storing, and delivering of personal goods from your home country to Mexico, to a different home in Mexico, or abroad.

Learn more about moving your personal goods to Mexico

For more information about moving your personal goods to Mexico, including a list of allowed and prohibited items, see: how to import your personal goods to Mexico.

Choosing a reliable removals company

Whether you’re moving across town, across Mexico, or across the world, your personal goods matter.  While insurance can reimburse you in the event of mishap, some things carry sentimental value that cannot be easily replaced by substitution.

Thus, you ought to consider carefully who you will entrust to:

  • visit your home;
  • pack your personal belongings;
  • care for them during shipment;
  • manage them through international Customs procedures; and
  • deliver and unpack them safely at your new destination.

The removals company should be experienced, discreet, and highly professional in the way they handle, pack, and ship your personal belongings.  They should also be fully insured to mitigate the risks of any unforeseen circumstances.

Connect with an experienced removals specialist

The relocation company we refer readers to is an experienced specialist in home removals, transportation and shipping, storage, and integrated logistics.

Based in Mexico City, the company has a scrupulously selected network of agents and removals partners across the country, and across the world, to ensure the highest standards of service and efficiency with every removal job they manage.

Our associate has experience helping individuals, couples, and families to plan and realize their national or international home removals, managing the entire process to ensure that the physical move of your personal belongings to, from, or within Mexico is stress-free.

Our associate offers you:

  • An established removals company based in Mexico City with over 20 years of experience managing home removals.
  • A meticulously planned and fully project managed removal service regardless of the size of your intended shipment.
  • Access to a trusted and experienced network of movers that can ship your personal goods professionally and efficiently when you’re moving to Mexico from abroad, within Mexico, or from Mexico to another country.
  • Professionally trained removals teams who are fully vetted and insured
  • Advice about the Customs (import/export) rules and management of the paperwork to facilitate your shipment’s swift passage through international ports of entry, including assistance with your Menaje de Casa
  • Personalized quotation based on your individual needs and shipment size.

Our associate can only quote for shipment of “household goods”

You cannot ship one, two, or even a small handful of items by themselves.

The consignment must be commensurate with a shipment “personal household goods” and comprise at least 12-15 boxes, or a combination of boxes and furniture.

Our associate cannot quote a shipment, for example, of a couple of paintings, or one or two heirlooms.

See our guide to moving your goods to Mexico for details.

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