3 must-know updates from Google Play at I/O ’24


Posted by Nick Sharma – Product Manager, Google Play

At Google Play, we’re passionate about helping people discover experiences they’ll love while empowering developers like you to bring your ideas to life and build successful businesses. At this year’s Google I/O, we shared our latest developments that will help you acquire and engage users, optimize your revenue, and reinforce trust with secure, high-quality experiences.

If you missed this year’s event, check out our recap video below, or read on for our top 3 announcements.

#1: Enhanced store listings: More ways to reach the right audience

Your store listing is often your first chance to make a good impression and acquire new users. You can already tailor your store listing in a number of ways to optimize your conversions for different audiences.

    • Now, you can also create listings based on what users search for. Tailoring your store listings by search keywords will not only make listing content more relevant, it can also help you target users actively seeking the benefits your app provides.
    • Not sure what keywords to choose? Play Console will now give you keyword suggestions for potentially impactful store listings.

Increase your store listing’s relevance and conversions by displaying content tailored to users by search keywords

#2: Expanded payment options: More ways for customers to pay for your content

Our extensive payment method library, which includes traditional payment methods like credit cards and over 300 local forms of payment in more than 65 markets, continues to grow.

    • We enabled Pix in Brazil, allowing you to offer millions of customers their preferred payment method.
    • We also enhanced support for UPI in India to streamline subscription purchases.
    • With our new installment subscriptions feature, you can offer customers the option to pay over time for long-term subscriptions, helping increase your signups and lifetime value.

Installment subscriptions are now available for users in Brazil, France, Italy, and Spain

#3: SDK Console improvements: Build high-quality and safer app experiences

We’re making it easier to build high-quality and safer app experiences with enhancements made possible by SDK Console.

    • You can now get better guidance on how to fix crashes or errors in Android Studio and receive notifications from SDK owners about non-compliant versions in Play Console.
    • Plus, you can share crash or ANR data with SDK owners directly through Play Console.
Sare crash or ANR data with SDK owners in Play Console

Developers can now share crash or ANR data with SDK owners in Play Console

That’s it for our top 3 announcements, there’s so much more to discover from this year’s event. Check out this blog post for more Google Play announcements at this year’s Google I/O.

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